Demonstration of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB)

Since our establishment, we have been conducting research focusing on the features and advantages of VRFB.
We also provide test device for the installation of battery systems and consulting for the full-scale installation.

VRFB test device

We can provide test device to those who are considering the installation of VRFB. With the test device, you can find out:

  • Various performances of VRFB
  • The basic battery components and structure of VRFB
  • Various functional tests and confirmations required for power storage batteries
  • Performance evaluation of various electrolytes used for VRFB
  • Simple VRFB test device [250W] (manual operation)

    Simple VRFB test device [250W] (manual operation)

  • Automatic VRFB test device [250W] (automatic operation)

    Automatic VRFB test device [250W] (automatic operation)

The images are for illustration purposes only. Please contact us for more details.

Long-run demonstration test device for vanadium electrolyte
  • demonstration test device

  • demonstration test device

We manufacture a redox flow demonstration test device under actual operating conditions and carry out a long-run test of the vanadium electrolyte.