2011 January Capital 8,000,000 yen Established LE Systems Co., Ltd.
  October Genkai-cho, redox flow battery demonstrated and collaborative research started
    Kurume city supporting adoption
    Kyushu Institute of Technology collaborative research Titer sensor joint development for redox flow battery
2012 April Capital increase to 23,000,000 yen
  May Participate in Kyushu Institute of Technology Green cube project
    Redox flow battery stabilization test (10 months)
2013 August Capital increase to 33,000,000 yen
  September Kurume city supporting adoption
    Kurume Institute of Technology collaborative research ・Battery using the RFB - The development of battery charging system
  October Gunma technical college collaborative research - Grid system research of natural renewable energy
  December Headquarters moved to Kurume Higashiaikawa
2014 April Capital increase to 100,000000 yen
  June Small and Medium Enterprise Agency FY2013 correction Medium and small-sized business, small company, manufacturing, commerce, service innovation business Adoption
    Kurume City Manufacturing Promotion Agency Adoption
2015 January Capital increase to 145,000000 yen
  May Tsukuba Research Laboratories established
  June NEDO 2015 New Energy Venture innovation business Adoption
  July Small and Medium Enterprise Agency 2015 Strategic foundation technology advancement support project Adoption
2016 January Capital increased to 355,041,000 yen (Include reserve 121,270,500 yen)
2017 February Capital increased to 551,440,000 yen (Include reserve 219,470,000 yen)
  May Capital increased to 562,990,000 yen (Include reserve 225,240,000 yen)
  June FY2017 New Energy Venture Business Technology Innovation Program of New Energy Development Organization (NEDO)  Adoption
  July FY 2017 Kurume-Shi Manufacturing Support Project Adoption
  November Capital increased to 1,140,270,000 yen (Include reserve 513,880,000 yen)
  November FY2017 Independence / Return Support and Job Creation Industrial Location Subsidy (assistance program for manufacturing & services industries)  Adoption