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Utilize The Energy, Sustain and Contribute

The market for renewable energy is expected to expand domestically and throughout the world and the demand for power storage systems is also increasing.

Although batteries such as lithium batteries and lead batteries have their own features, redox flow batteries however have long life, highly safe and suitable for large size. Therefore, we expect the construction of large-scale power storage systems in the future.

Since establishment, we have focused on vanadium redox flow battery (vanadium as battery electrolyte), and do research and development towards its growth.

By using redox flow battery technology as the core, we will develop electricity storage business, aiming to build next generation energy system by "Generating, Storing and Efficiently Use" of electricity. We want to contribute even a little to the revitalization of the regional economy through effective utilization of regional resources and cooperation with local energy industry.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Junichi Sato

Image of future regional energy network

Next Generation Energy System by "Generating, Storing and Efficiently Use" of electricity