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Supporting The World's Energy With Our Electrolyte Manufacturing Technology

Storage batteries have come to be recognized as an essential technology for the spread of renewable energy. Vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) has advantages in terms of safety, long life, and large capacity, which is highly expected as a future potential energy storage technology game-changer.

Since our establishment, we have focused on electrolyte, which has been the main part of VRFB. By not depending on the price fluctuation of vanadium (V) in the market, we recover V from unused/low concentration resources (including waste), and manufacture cheap, stable price and high-spec of electrolytes.

As a supplier specializing in electrolytes, we support the construction of next-generation energy systems that store and efficiently use of electricity by supplying electrolytes to VRFB manufacturers and transform the global energy market.

Chief Executive Officer Junichi Sato

Image of future regional energy network

Next Generation Energy System by "Generating, Storing and Efficiently Use" of electricity