Initiatives On VRFB and Our Advantages

Initiatives On VRFB

 There are various types of storage batteries, but our focus is on large capacity storage battery system called redox flow batteries, and we have been engaged in research and development especially in vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB),

 VRFB is a superior battery in various aspects, but the cost was impeding the growth because the price of the electrolyte material (vanadium) is unstable.

 Based on our research, in order to solve this problem, we found a way to recover vanadium from industrial waste which is combustion soot (EP soot) and established a technology to efficiently producing electrolyte by vanadium recovery that may lead into a stable and cheap electrolyte production.

Advantages of Vanadium Redox Flow Battery
  • VRFB cost breakdown

    VRFB cost breakdown
  • Changes of market price of vanadium and electrolyte price

Our Advantages

Research on RFB with various types of electrolyte is going progressively, and if the price of vanadium can be secure/maintain at a low price, it will become a major factor of RFB growth. We will continue doing research, development and manufacture, so that we can make a significant contribution to the growth of RFB, especially from the electrolyte factor.

    • By our original technology, we recover the vanadium from the industrial waste (EP soot), aiming for effective utilization of resources and reduction of waste.
    • We have established special technologies for manufacturing electrolyte and also conducting further research on applied products of vanadium.
    • We are also proceeding with demonstration and research on battery cell/stack, aiming to further improvement on its quality.
    • Based on demonstration data and our understanding, we also doing the analysis and evaluation for battery and electrolyte.
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